Welcome To Waterlife

Water is life, but sadly more than a billion people globally do not have access to safe water. Lack of safe water results in untold suffering, diseases, infant mortality, stunted growth and economic loss. Waterlife aims to  address this most critical need of providing  access to safe water with a focus on  underserved areas. We have a passion to bring in a business model to solve one of the most basic issues- balancing both profits and social equity and thus exemplifying  what C K Prahlad mentioned as the “ Bottom of the Pyramid” market. We are a “ business with a soul” and started with our vision of providing access to safe water to everyone by the year 2020.

The pillars of our business model are sustainability of our solutions in all three forms- Economic, Social and Environmental. We are deeply conscious of the systems being self sustainable and economically viable. We provide education and awareness to bring in behavioral and move people away from contaminated water and disease to health and prosperity. We achieve this with deep respect for the environment and ensure that all our solutions are “Green and Environmentally Friendly” and has minimum possible adverse impact on the water sources and the environment.

To attain all the above, we adopt cutting edge disruptive technologies from across the world.