Water is the elixir of Life, but when contaminated can be dangerous and sometimes fatal.  More than one billion people lack access to safe water and all the initiatives targeted at solving this problem suffer from lack of long term thinking and sustainability. 

The need of the hour therefore is clean drinking water which is affordable to all and builds in long term sustainability and this is where Waterlife steps in with a solution having multiple effects. We provide:

  • Solutions that provide Safe pure water meeting WHO guidelines and IS10500 standards
  • Immediate health and development benefit from reduced diseases and medical expenses and the extreme cost of losing a loved one.
  • Increased productivity  with less time being spent by women and girl child in fetching water
  • Increased Gender equity by providing the girl child a better opportunity to spend saved time on education
  • Environment benefits with clean technology, lesser wastage, disinfection without using chemicals and avoiding carbon emissions

By providing end to end solutions, Waterlife infuses a novel technological platform offering :

  • Opportunities to communities in education, empowerment and ownership
  • Innovative business models with long term sustainability
  • Very affordable for people at the bottom of the pyramid.
  • Encourage entrepreneurial development and provide local employmen