Hard Facts
Hard Facts...

It is alarming to note that

+ Out of a list of 122 countries rated on the quality of potable water, India stands second last at 120

+ 37.7 million people – over 75% of whom are children, are afflicted with water borne diseases every year

+ Diarrhea itself claims over 450,000 lives in India with over 200 deaths per hour.

+ Lack of drinkable water also results in stunted development of 60 million children annually

+ By 2020 more people would have died of unsafe drinking water than of AIDS

+ Two-thirds of the hospital beds are filled with people with waterborne diseases

+ Over 1600 children die every year due to waterborne disease

+ Rs. 6400 crore are spent on rural medical expenses every year

“ The statistics are staggering- It is unfortunate that this does not have to be this way and these are avoidable by simple solutions of providing safe water. Waterlife aims to bring in change by providing long lasting sustainable solutions to make a difference”

(Times of India - Special Report April 13th,2008.)