Water harvesting

Globally, the availability of fresh water sources is depleting at an alarming rate due to over exploitation of ground water  and continued loss of  recharge areas due to the rapid urbanization which results in construction of streets, buildings and pavements which prevents the recharge of rain water. This coupled with loss of our age old water harvesting structures has resulted in acute lack of storage and conservation. The Ganges plain in India is one of the fastest depleting water tables globally. Lack of proper storage results in most of the rain water to wash out into the sea. India would be a water stressed country by 2025 and most countries across the world are either water stresses or water starved.  By 2025, India, China and select countries in Europe and Africa will face water scarcity if adequate and sustainable water management initiatives are not implemented, and an estimated 3 billion people will be living below the water stress threshold, says a study by Grail Research.

Water Harvesting is a critical need today which can address our problems of the ever increasing problem of water shortage. Waterlife provided water harvesting solutions and thus promotes environmentally friendly solutions which is a basic tenet of the company